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API appoints new President and CEO

API Heat Transfer Inc. (API), a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of specialty heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions, announced that it has named Stephen Rennie as president and chief executive officer.

Simple casing heat exchangers used for water heating

The sleeve type heat exchanger is a concentric sleeve made of straight tubes of different diameters and connected by a U-shaped elbow.

Framatome launches new coating technologies

Framatome recently launched a suite of new protective coatings approved for use in plant applications that reduce maintenance costs and extend the operating life of components and equipment across the energy sector, including in nuclear power plants.

Temporary method for the aging of heat exchanger gasket

Temporary treatment method for the aging of plate heat exchanger gasket: The softening of the elastic gasket is related to pressure and temperature.

HRS unveils Thermblock heat exchangers at FoodTech Qld

HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase models from its comprehensive range of heat exchangers for the food industry at FoodTech Qld in Brisbane in July, with a particular focus on safe and efficient pasteurization and sterilization.

R1234ze brings efficiency to rolling mill facility

As global warming potential becomes more of an issue, a growing number of industries and businesses moving toward new refrigerants.

Allards secures £1.3M China deal

Angus-based engineering firm Allards International Ltd has won a “milestone” £1.3 M deal to supply vital parts for a sewage processing plant in China.

LG Multi V M boost up installation and performance

Last year, LG Electronics (LG) released an advanced modular Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution, Multi V M. Equipped with enhanced features that boost installation and performance, this solution is meeting the needs of a wide range of customers.

PSA increased maintenance interval from 2 to 39 weeks

The Port of Singapore Authority increased maintenance intervals from 14 days to 9 months after installing a new seawater cooling system on board one of its tugboats.

KNM secures orders valued at RM27.71M

KNM Group Bhd 's subsidiaries have secured two contracts worth a combined sum of about RM27.71M for the supply of air cooler heat exchangers in Nigeria and Iraq respectively.

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